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How Much will you Charge to Ghostwrite My Book?

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Potential clients always want to know how long it will take to turn the content they’ve been collecting into a book and how much I will charge to ghostwrite it for them. “Can you at least give me a range?” they ask. Not to answer like a two-handed economist, but …

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So, You Want to Write a Book

Wall to wall books in several rooms

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.” ~  Marcus Tullius Cicero While more people are inquiring about my ghost writing services this year, it seems once aspiring authors come to grips with what’s involved with writing a book, they cower. If you …

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Books are Marathons, Articles are Sprints. Sprint First

My stream of inquiries has picked up lately from business professionals who want me to ghost write their books.  YEAH! When an inquiry comes from someone who already produces content — whether a newsletter, blog, white papers, articles or presentations — our job is relatively straightforward. Not easy. Not cheap. Straightforward. …

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Working with a Ghostwriter

Used to be the word “ghostwriter” conjured images of a wily hack with a battered Olivetti sitting at a Hollywood swimming pool coaxing confidences from a star. Lately the word has gotten traction in the music world (evidently lots of rappers use them). Politicians have always used ghosts — a …

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