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Appalachian Roots Music: What’s with the Banjo?

We will visit the Blue Ridge Music Center and learn the history of bluegrass music on the Appalachian Mountains and Music Motorcycle Tour

I never learned to like bluegrass music as a child of the 1970’s. After all, we had the Rolling Stones, The Who, and Fleetwood Mac on the AM/FM dial so who needed that old timey stuff? (How ironic,the words “AM/FM dial” when talking about old timey stuff). And why were banjos …

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The Banjo and Unlearning

One of the many cases with priceless banjos

When you’re young, life is all about learning: to walk, to use the potty, to drive a car, and to fill out complicated income tax forms. But this summer, it occurred to me that perhaps I’ve reached the point  in life that UNlearning is more important. Here’s what I mean. As …

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