the Google Play Books logo

Within the last week of 2011 over  four million Android devices were activated.  What does this mean to the business professional who has been waiting to write a book? You’d better get with it.

Every day over 500k  devices are activated that people could be using to read your message–or someone else’s. Yes, even Apple users can read what you’ve written if you publish it on the Google Play eBookstore (which means there is no need to wrestle with publishing to the iBookstore).

Like snowflakes to an avalanche

If you’ve made resolution to write a book this year but haven’t written so much as a blog post or newsletter, start with one of those projects. If you’ve been blogging or writing articles, white papers or newsletters for a couple of years, you’ve got a running start at a 15,000-word book. Here’s how quickly your smaller projects could add up:

  • Do you read newspaper opinion columns? They average 700 words, so if you’ve written 22 pieces of that length, you could compile them into a book.
  • Most blog posts average 300+ words, so 50 posts would total 15,000 words. Count the average words in your blog posts and do the math.
  • How many speeches or presentations have you delivered?  Those add up, too.  If standard speech without long pauses runs 150 – 170 words per minute, a 20-minute speech is 3,000 to 3,400 words.  If you’ve delivered five 20-minute speeches on your subject, you’re ready to roll.

If you think you’re ready to begin or want to talk about how to begin writing a book, contact me. Our first consultation is on the house.