Jan 17

Sidestand Up Radio Interview

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Thanks to my friends who helped me win the VaVaVroom Contest I had the pleasure of spending time with Tom Lowdermilk and Denise Maple on Tom’s internet radio show,  Sidestand Up.

You can listen to  Sidestands-Up-Tamela-Rich (my portion) or toggle over to iTunes for the full 2-hour show.

The breast cancer connection

We talked about my affiliation with Conga for the Cause, why we ride for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and how to join us on this year’s trip either in spirit or on the road. I announced a book I’m writing for folks who think a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence, which it is NOT. The book will feature women motorcyclists who’ve either survived cancer or continue living with it. You can help me name the book here.

Training is the key

Like many, Tom & Denise wanted to know about how I learned to ride proficiently enough to take a cross-country motorcycle trip after three months of riding. In addition to my brother letting me ride his precious BMW Dakar,  had to give credit to the BMW Performance Center and Mark Brown of MotoMark1.

After that we kibbitzed about life on the road, which roads are best and why “Nebraska sucks but Kansas blows” (which is just a little weather humor, no worries).

Here’s a visual of my planned itinerary this summer, subject to change. Where would you like to meet?


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