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Spamhaus: Cyber Crime Fighter

spamhaus In September I had the pleasure of being a Twitter panelist on how to avoid the spam filters when emailing. This is the third time I've spoken formally on the subject (if you consider tweeting "formal"). By this third presentation, it struck me that spam is like porn, everyone thinks they know it when they see it, but few can define it in their own words. Looking for the most succinct explanation, I turned to the Spamhaus Project

Royal Whitepaper

I had an "aha moment" this morning. I decided to build a repository of white papers I like in different categories for general perusal. First up, The Prince's Rainforests Project Report, which I thank my Twitter follower, Dan Tefft for bringing to my attention.

SPAM “Arms Race”

The rise in Bacn led to the development of a service called "other inbox" which separates Bacn from real-people-email. With other inbox you can open that notice from your bank when it suits YOU, instead of having it glare from your inbox while you're trying to do the work that generates the check that pays the overdraft.

Laryngitis, LinkedIn and Me

More correctly put, I whispered my way through it. Laryngitis. It helped that people wanted to know about CAN-SPAM compliance -- audience members shushed each other so they could hear me croak away.