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G20 and the IMF

Writing Prompts * How will the decisions concerning global regulation immediately affect your clients? Your firm? * How will the IMF's ability to issue $250bn worth of its own currency, the SDR, affect the products and services you will offer? * Will international trade be facilitated or hampered by the decisions made at this conference? * Do we now have a de facto world central bank? What's your view?

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G20 and the Greenback

Writing Prompts * How does the current world currency situation affect your company and your clientele? * What changes do you recommend to your client’ holdings in light of today’s political-economic churn? * If you were involved with currency trading or international business at the time that the EU adopted the Euro, you might reflect on that time and bring forward lessons applicable today. * Do you or your company do business in China or Russia? These countries are advancing the idea of switching from the greenback. * How will decisions made by the G20 affect mortgages in the US?

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