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Speaking on Newsletters

This week I speak to the Carolina Professional Saleswomen and Entrepreneurs on a favorite topic: Newsletters and CAN-SPAM. I plan to start with a primer on the scary compliance stuff and then discuss how professionals can build their newsletter subscription list (as well as subcriptions to blogs, ezines, etc) with a solid CONTENT strategy, including article marketing.

Field Organizations Run Amok

I've been on both sides of this equation. Working for the parent organization that owns the brand, I know everyone in the field thinks they're a marketing genius and corporate/home office is just there to get in the way. Working for the field organization I know how long it can take corporate know-it-alls to get out of their never-ending meetings and get something done (for a change)!

Laryngitis, LinkedIn and Me

More correctly put, I whispered my way through it. Laryngitis. It helped that people wanted to know about CAN-SPAM compliance -- audience members shushed each other so they could hear me croak away.

CAN-SPAM compliance

Download my handy, one-page checklist for staying in compliance with the US federal law that governs all commercial email.

Less is More

LESS is MORE. Did your newsletter subscribers sign up with the belief they'd be getting a monthly coupon and now you're pummeling them with daily exhortations to BUY NOW? You're probably shooting yourself in the foot.