Flo Fuhr in 2012, Shell, WY

Meet the Conga Queen!

When I first floated the idea of going cross country on a motorcycle I didn’t even have a motorcycle license. My family was, rightfully, concerned about my safety.

Enter Flo Fuhr, whom I’d never met, but whose trailblazing trip from Florida to Campbell Island in British Columbia gave everyone who loves me a glimpse of what a novice rider could do with the support of others.  Here’s the story:

Flo Fuhr, co-founder of the Conga fundraisers for breast cancer research, is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. So far our Conga III fundraiser has sent $24,000 to the Cause. I was in Cheyenne with the Conga riders 7/7-11/10.

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