Scary clown

Hundreds of people have asked me about being afraid as I travel by myself. It usually goes something like this:  “Aren’t you afraid some nut job will do you in?”

Answer: I am neither a fearful nor a fearless woman. Sometimes  I’ve been frightened and other times I’ve been brave. I’ve also been very lucky.

This repeated line of Q&A called me to develop a new keynote speech and workshop on the topic of fear. The first group to experience this workshop is the Fifth Annual “Luna Rising” at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, NC in January, 2014.

Fear as an Energy Source

I’ve learned a lot about facing fears and harnessing their energy for personal growth. On the road, I’ve encountered bad weather and lots of distracted drivers; my wallet and credit cards were stolen in Montana, some 3500 miles from home; I’ve run out of gas; and I’ve had trouble finding a safe place to sleep at night.

Maybe you fear a career or business setback. I’ve experienced both.

Financial ruin? Been there myself.

Afraid your children won’t turn out right? I’ve lived through “the scary phone call from the sheriff,” too.

Whether we meet at a keynote speech or in a workshop, everyone will emerge from the experience with a way to categorize their fears and begin making them a vehicle for positive change.

The Keynote Speech: Facing Fear

Lessons from the Road: Facing Fear, begins with the premise that fear has a role to play in our lives. The question is whether YOUR fears are playing the RIGHT roles. Using what I’ve learned about harnessing the power of fear, I’ll guide participants through a process to help them use fear as an energy source. The keynote is 60 minutes and will be customized for each audience. Here are some ideas:

  • Groups that are “stuck” are likely harboring a fear of something.
  • Organizations that are losing members might be afraid to try something new or unorthodox.
  • Business units that have suffered a setback need to move on, but that’s hard when they’re afraid of failing—again

Facing Fear: The Workshop

This workshop will be interactive and supportive. We need at least three hours to cover everything I’ve planned for you, but we could spend an entire day working through various exercises that would help everyone address a couple of fears with action plans.  Here’s the overview:

  • I’ll guide participants  through a process to help them see that fear is an energy source.
  • Everyone will emerge with a categorized list of their fears and an action plan for channeling the energy of one of them into a powerful outcome.
  • Arts exercises will help participants remember the resolutions they made during the workshop and practice turning fear into power.
  • Everyone will have an opportunity to ask for specific support as they venture out on their new journey with fear.

Workshops should run at least three hours. Let’s talk about your needs and timeframe and then I’ll customize yours.

Are you interested in booking this workshop for your group? I‘m booking my 2014 calendar right now, so please get in touch.