My survey findings explore FIVE fears in THREE areas of life

Researching my new book on fear I’ve  learned that psychologists classify any and all fears as one of these five:

  • Humiliation
  • Separation
  • Loss of Autonomy
  • Mutilation
  • Death

Five universal fears in three areas of life

I’m working with a Ph.D. statistician to conduct a survey that explores the five universal fears in three areas of life: Intimate relationships, Community, and Workplace.

In conjunction with “Face Your Fears Day” on Tuesday, October 13, I  invite you to share your fears in an online survey. It takes fewer than six minutes to complete (I promise).

The deadline for survey responses is 7:00PM EST on Sunday, October 18. The survey results will be announced around Friday, November 13—note the significance of that date?

I need some help (from you) identifying trends. For example, is the most common fear in intimate relationships separation? In our workplaces, do we fear loss of autonomy more than we fear humiliation?

Discovering your “Fear Voice”

I’ll use what I’ve learned from the survey to develop a quiz that enables responders to identify their own “Fear Voice.”

If you  know that, for example, your dominate fear in intimate relationships is ‘separation,’ you can begin to see the ways in which you behavior anticipates being separated.

People often believe things are going on in their lives because they fear them, not because they are real. Self-knowledge is the first step to a less fear-filled life.

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