Writers Retreat in Wyoming with Tamela Rich

Come spend a week with me in beautiful Greybull,Wyoming

I’ll help you meet your writing/content goals

Perhaps you’ve considered a writing retreat or conference to help move your pet project over the finish line or to improve your writing skills.

A retreat is a “retreat from the world” that allows you to focus on your work. Retreats can be self-made (lock yourself in your bedroom or pitch a tent in the back yard) or can be hosted by others, who may or may not provide meals and creature comforts.

A “conference” includes workshops, networking, publisher pitching sessions and so forth. Most conferences are a crush—too many people and too little attention from the faculty. If you are considering a conference, beware the crush factor.

While there are plenty of ways to retreat from the world to write, my experience with writers is that some structured support helps them achieve their goals more quickly and less painfully than the lone-wolf approach. I’ve designed activities for each day of the retreat to help writers sustain momentum. Hop over to this page for the details.

Limited to ten writers. This is about personalized support in an intimate group setting. In my Wyoming Writing Retreat, you’ll be one of ten writers. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Writing a novel, blog series or world domination strategy?

No matter what writing goals you set for yourself, no matter what you’re writing—a business book, memoir, blog series or white paper—I’ll support you in doing your best work. Since this retreat is limited to ten participants, you’ll get plenty of personalized feedback and encouragement.

Want to be a better writer? I know what it takes to write an award-winning book and I’ve designed the curriculum to enhance your writing skills. This page will fill in the details.

 Staying in one of my favorite towns, Greybull, Wyoming

We’ll be staying at the Greybull KOA—the perfect atmosphere for productivity. Nestled in the heart of a small town, with wildlife galore and Big Skies overhead, you’ll be inspired to do your best work. Here’s a video preview of the Deluxe Cabin at the Greybull KOA and here’s my Flickr album from the campground.

I’ve stayed at the Greybull KOA three times and know the owners, Dutch-born MaRia and Cor Bijvank, well. They’re delightful hosts and pay attention to every detail. They run their campground like a B&B, and will provide everything we need to stay focused on our work.

The campground is small and we’ll have all six cabins to ourselves. Greybullitself, is a charming town with fewer than 2,000 citizens. I may know half of them since that’s where my book, Live Full Throttle, was written!

Interested? This page has ALL the details.