Tamela and Neale on the TEDx Charlotte stage

Join me for Storytelling at BMW Riders Association Rally

I’m looking forward to co-hosting “Tall Tales and Tell-Alls” with my friend and fellow TEDx Charlotte presenter, Neale Bayly (pictured above). If you’re a motorcyclist join us!

Because every motorcyclist has a story to tell:

  • The way you fixed a flat tire with a water bottle and duct tape
  • The time you ran out of gas on a Native American reservation, where you didn’t have permission to ride in the first place
  • How you got your mother-in-law to ride pillion after 25 years of trying to persuade you to give up your “dangerous habit”
  • Bringing your old airhead back to life

Now’s your chance to bring those stories to the main stage at the 42nd BMW Riders Association Rally at Barber Motorsports Museum.

Here’s how Tall Tales and Tell-Alls will work:

  • Each storyteller is allowed up to twenty slides, but can enter with a minimum of 10
  • Each slide will be on screen 30 seconds
  • This means each story will be between three and six minutes long
  • And yes, the slides will be on a timer

Here’s a video of me delivering a talk like this in Charlotte, NC. 

Members can enter more than one story, but all stories must be accompanied by a PowerPoint deck with between 10-20 slides. NO EXCEPTIONS. No deck, no story time.

When and where

Date: Saturday, May 31

Time: 2:00 p.m.

Place: Barber Motorsports

Picture of Barber's collectionThe Barber Motorsports Park is a 740 acres multi-purpose racing facility located on the eastern fringes of Birmingham, Alabama. It was built by George Barber, and includes the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum, which has over 1200 vintage and modern motorcycles and race cars. The collection is the largest of its kind in the world; bikes range from 1902 to current-year production.

ALL SLIDES AND STORYTELLER BIOS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY May 15 to: speaking(at)tamelarich.com

Tech Specs for your Slides

A single, strong, graphic image or succinct line of text will tell your story better than a crowded collage or packed paragraph. Rather than one complex slide, show several slides, each with one idea, image or data point.

Image size. Please design your presentation to fit within any of the following specs: WIDESCREEN HD (16:9 aspect ratio) : Min. 1920×1080 (hi res).

Title safe. Please keep a 10%-20% margin around your text, much as you would when typing on a piece of paper. This ensures that everyone will be able to read your slides.

Text size. Limit text to TWO lines or 5 bullet points. Text size will take care of itself when you do this. Slide image size Minimum font size: 1920 x 1080 (wide) 36 pts

Text clarity. Sans-serif fonts (like Helvetica) are easier to read at a distance than serif fonts (like Times New Roman).

Background. A simple, elegant background behind your text should be used to complement and enhance the readability of your words. If using a dark or black background, you may want to make the text bold.

Graphics and photos. Use high-resolution pictures and graphics. Full-quality photos from a digital camera will look better than images pulled off the web. If you pull images from the web, be sure they are licensed  under Creative Commons for use.

Font files.To avoid last-minute glitches with your presentation onsite, font files should be embedded in your presentation file.

About Neale Bayly

With thirty-seven years in the saddle, Neale Bayly has ridden motorcycles in 45 different countries. The British-born Bayly works closely with America’s top motorcycle magazines and web sites, which send him all over the world to ride, test and report back on the best that a two-wheeled lifestyle offers.

His 2013 reality series “Neale Bayly Rides” made its debut on Speed Channel (now Fox Sports). The TV series showed Neale’s philanthropic side to the world. It documented a charity ride that he captained through the wilds of Peru, which culminated at a remote mountain orphanage which his charity, Wellspring International Outreach, supports.

When not traveling the world for assignments, Neale lives in Charlotte, NC, and spends his free time with his two sons, Luke and Patrick, riding and training on dirt bikes.

Twitter: @NealeBayly


About Tamela Rich

Author Tamela has extensively traveled the U.S. and Canada, delivering her message to Pack Light | Travel Slow | Connect Deep. Her keynotes and workshops include life lessons she has learned through chance encounters on the road.

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