Attention Conga Riders! Polish your bike, fluff your feather boas and smile! Motorcycle photographer and author Christina Shook will immortalize you at a stunning location near Shell, Wyoming during the Conga IV rally.

Christina Shook

Christina’s photographs capture the beauty and soul of real women motorcyclists. Her work hangs in sites such as the Smithsonian Institution-affiliated Women’s Museum and appears in national publications, including Iron Works magazine. She is author and photographer of the luscious photographic coffee table book of women motorcyclists, Chicks On Bikes.

Christina’s photographs will grace the book that Conga III inspired:  Live Full Throttle: Life After Your Cancer Diagnonsis.

Here’s how it works

Christina will set up an outdoor studio in a magnificent location.  You can be photographed by yourself, or with any friends, and of course with your bike.   Christina’s skills as portrait artist will put you at ease and bring out the best of the real you (and yours). We’ll convince Flo to stick around the outdoor studio so everyone who wants one can get a shot with her.

The $200 session will include a personal website of 20 or more images and two 8×10 custom prints mounted on archival board (which is how museums mount their works). Prints include a full retouch according to your wishes – from “just freshen me up” to “I want to be forever 29 and size 4!”

So many options

And what will you do with these photographs?  Besides using them as your Facebook pic, you can give them to  family and friends, frame one for your desk, make it your screen saver, heck you can even use it to make a blanket for your grandbaby or your  grandma.

The two 8×10 board-mounted photographs are suitable for hanging in your home or office or, if your children are worthy of such a gift, you can bestow it upon them.  You know they’ve been after you for something besides a snapshot and here’s your chance.

I will use mine for my author picture on Live Full Throttle. Although I intend to be slim and trim by then, I may need some of Christina’s retouch services. I know I’m in good hands there.

Think about it — when’s the last time you had a professional photograph?  Graduation?  Your wedding?  Isn’t it time you captured your spirit as a motorcyclist?

See more of Christina Shook’s work here: or at
and contact her directly to book your session: [email protected] or 415-713-9717