DR. JOHN J. MEDINA is a developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders.

Stay with me.

He also runs a site and authored a book entitled  “Brain Rules” in which he expounds upon “12 rules for surviving and thriving at work, home and school.”

Medina’s Rule #4 says “We don’t pay attention to boring things.”

Today’s blog focus, presentations.

Thousands of cartoons

Thousands of cartoons

Since presentations (and their presenters) are too often boring, we don’t pay attention to them — sometimes to our detriment.  Medina shows that every ten minutes or so our attention flags and we need a little shot of something to continue paying attention. He says this little shot should be ” emotionally relevant.”

Consider the occasional New Yorker cartoon.  For $20 each, you can insert a witty and apropos cartoon into your deck and keep your group’s attention.  Plus that, you’ll look urbane and well-read.