Before you hit “send” on that fabulous newsletter remember, email domains often limit the number of subject line characters they display in the inbox*:

Shorter is Better

  • AOL, (approximately 22% of the U.S. email market) limits subject lines to roughly 38 characters
  • Yahoo!, (with 21% of U.S. email)  is at 47 characters
  • Hotmail, (14% of the U.S. email market) uses word wrap to display subject lines on multiple lines, but still just 45 characters per line

Bottom line:  go for the lowest common denominator (38 characters).

Here’s a wrinkle: Considering the growing reliance on mobile devices, with smaller screens, think  even shorter!

If you’re a Twitter-er, you’re probably getting used to truncating…I know I am.

*As reported in MediaPost, 2009