My inbox is clogged with so-called newsletters from people who must have made a resolution to "communicate more" or "do more marketing" in 2010.

Where’s the News in Your Newsletter?

shut upMy inbox is clogged with so-called newsletters from people who must have made a resolution to “communicate more” or “do more marketing” in 2010.

Most of them are, in a word, crap.

In two words, self serving.

In three words, not worth reading.

Win a lifetime gift certificate for my services

If you can find the “news” in this “newsletter” I’ll work for you for the rest of my life for free!

(Redacted) brings proven, practical solutions to business challenges with a clear focus on the bottom line. We represent (verbal diahrrea). Our Practice Areas include:


COACHING (4 bullets)

If you’ve read this far you’re one in a million.



(Redacted) mission is to assist organizations in developing and sustaining inclusive environments where all employees can do their best work (blah blah blah).

We work with organizations (yada yada yada).

If you’ve read this far you’re one in a billion.

An advertisement lodged into a newsletter template

This is  best described as an awful ad or an internal document designed to remind the staff who they are and what they do. Releasing it to the public is a sure way to lose subscribers or gain a reputation with your service provider as a spammer.

Not sure what to write about?

Afraid you’ll run afoul of federal CAN-SPAM regs?

Anything I can do to help? 704-907-2811

Best advice: ask yourself, “Would I read this if it came from someone else?” The sender of this advertisement would surely have to answer “No.”

About Tamela M. Rich

From Charlotte, NC, Tamela writes books, articles, speeches and presentations for business professionals. From "the road" she writes about the people, places and experiences she discovers and the life lessons she learns from them. Invite her to share some of her lessons from the road at your next event!

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  1. Tamela,

    Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Not making excuses for anyone but a newsletter, surprisingly, does confuse a lot of people on how best to develop one. That being said, there’s really no excuse given all the available “how-to” info online talking about how to properly develop one. We’ll keep educating companies on the best ways to produce a newsletter!

    John Sternal

  2. You’re a great teacher, John. Your clients are certainly in good hands. Thanks for writing.

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