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Visualizing a Trillion Dollars

...see how, starting with one Benjamin, you size up $10k, $1m, $100m, $1b and finally $11t. Brilliant.

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Whole-Brain Communications

model with open skull showing parts of brain

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LinkedIn Answer on Business Planning

I have a download of right-brained business planning exercises for free download at my website. Also, on the homepage is a PPT of a presentation I gave on the topic.

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Kill your Darlings

Postal rates go up in May and there's even talk of cutting service back to five days a week. Talk like this fuels desire for e-communications,

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Connecting the Dots

I'll be the featured speaker this month, talking about one of the things that gets under my skin: unsolicited newsletters. What makes so many people think that just because they have my email address I actually want their newsletters?

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