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Tamela M. Rich

From Charlotte, NC, Tamela writes books, articles, speeches and presentations for business professionals. From "the road" she writes about the people, places and experiences she discovers and the life lessons she learns from them. Invite her to share some of her lessons from the road at your next event!

Case Study: Before & After

From time to time I'll show you how I get from first draft to finished product. This post shows how the finished product of a business-planning download ended up (after a verbose and rambling start).

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CAN-SPAM compliance

Download my handy, one-page checklist for staying in compliance with the US federal law that governs all commercial email.

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Less is More

LESS is MORE. Did your newsletter subscribers sign up with the belief they'd be getting a monthly coupon and now you're pummeling them with daily exhortations to BUY NOW? You're probably shooting yourself in the foot.

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Visualizing a Trillion Dollars

...see how, starting with one Benjamin, you size up $10k, $1m, $100m, $1b and finally $11t. Brilliant.

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Whole-Brain Communications

model with open skull showing parts of brain

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LinkedIn Answer on Business Planning

I have a download of right-brained business planning exercises for free download at my website. Also, on the homepage is a PPT of a presentation I gave on the topic.

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Kill your Darlings

Postal rates go up in May and there's even talk of cutting service back to five days a week. Talk like this fuels desire for e-communications,

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Connecting the Dots

I'll be the featured speaker this month, talking about one of the things that gets under my skin: unsolicited newsletters. What makes so many people think that just because they have my email address I actually want their newsletters?

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