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What’s in Store at Ride to Reboot Retreat for Motorcyclists?


A retreat, not a rally

I worked long and hard with my co-hosts Neale Bayly and Drew Alexander planning Ride to Reboot as a retreat, not a rally. We’ll begin with dinner Friday, June 12 and go our separate ways after breakfast Sunday, June 14. The podcast at the top of this post will tell you more and introduce you to Drew and Neale.

We’ve reserved all twelve rooms at the tranquil Mountain Quest Inn for our retreat.  As of today NINE of those rooms are available. As of May 10 FOUR rooms are available.

We’re confident that the intimate setting will provide a unique environment for making meaningful connections. There are no vendors with shiny trinkets, competitions, or large group activities.

It’s just us, our machines, and nature.

Here’s what’s in store for our guests at the retreat

Friday June 12, 2015 dinner, light snacks and soft drinks are included. Friday night we’ll offer a meet-and-greet and offer a motorcycle-themed movie for those interested. Our guests can also take moonlight strolls, soak in the hot tub, build a bonfire, or enjoy the baby grand piano in the beautiful two-story library.

Saturday June 13, 2015 we’ll provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and light snacks and soft drinks. Dinner will be a roasted pig and all the fixings around a bonfire. There, we’ll tell stories and solidify relationships.

I bet we can get Neale to tell a couple of his more lively tales. He has many to choose from, including outrunning drug lords, pinning the throttle at over 200 mph, falling in love with raven-haired beauties in South America, and blowing out an engine in the Australian Outback.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog or podcast listeners know the kind of storytelling to expect from me! We hope you’ll share a story or two of your own: every motorcyclist has them!

Sunday June 14, 2015 breakfast is provided and I’ll lead a walk at the labyrinth for those interested in a “walking meditation.” If you’ve never walked a labyrinth, I’m pleased to introduce you to its magic.

What’s Included: Friday and Saturday night accommodations are included, plus meals, and access to all the grounds and amenities. The full-supported ride is included, but not required if you prefer your own itinerary. If you want alcoholic drinks, you may run a tab during your visit and settle up at checkout.

The full-supported Saturday ride

Our Saturday ride route will be determined later. We want to know what kinds of bikes and riders are joining us and we want to scope out road conditions before everyone arrives. For example, if they’re laying chip seal on a road we had intended to cover, we’ll likely re-route if there’s a lot of chrome amongst our guests.

I’ve attached a few maps of motorcycle routes at the top of this post that are promoted on the Pocahontas County website…but we’ll devise our own route that will be long on scenic vistas and historic sites. I’ve been studying the history of the region for some while and am eager to share what I’ve learned. We’ll also meet some fifth-generation locals with some history to share.

Along the ride Neale will include some photography tips (for those who want them) at some of the scenic overlooks. He is a world-renowned photo journalist and he can help you manage those manual settings on your camera if you’re interested.

Drew is running operations for the retreat, including the support vehicle. He’s known to always have a can of WD40, roll of duct tape and a fire extinguisher handy! Since he once ran operations for the American Red Cross, I think we’re in good hands.

Folks who want to go their own way for Saturday are welcome to do so. Arrive back at Mountain Quest for dinner and tell us what you discovered.

Customizing your experience

We really want to cater to our guests’ interests, so when you register we’ll be getting in touch to learn more about you (besides ride-to-eat) so we can devise the perfect experience. There will be no more than 20 guests, so unlike a rally, we will be able to make that happen.

Again, as of today we have NINE double-occupancy rooms available  Five FOUR double-occupancy rooms are available. Reserve yours today!


Paypal is the best way to secure your retreat, but if you prefer to send a check:

Minerva Holdings, Inc., 1917 Abbott St. #A, Charlotte, NC 28203

Single or Double Occupancy?


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