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Writing a Book

Advice for people who want to write books of their own, with or without my help. Publishing has its own category

Self Publishing: Mission, Goals and Cover Guidance

Welcome to the second installment of my self-publishing adventure. Because I ghostwrite books, I’m sharing my process so that potential clients who are interested in this option will know what to expect or anticipate. If you were my client, I’d take you through the process of defining a mission and …

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Insider View of Self-Publishing

After writing about how to roll blog posts, newsletters and articles into books, self publishing, writing book proposals and what a book can do for you professionally, I invite you to walk with me down the path of self-publishing a book of my own. Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced …

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In Search of a Sugar Daddy Publisher

When I talk to prospective authors about their publishing plans very few know what they’re up against trying to get a traditional publisher to fund their project. That’s how you should think of it — funding the project. Before an aspiring author settles into a daydream of how to spend …

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Do I Have Enough Content To Fill a Book?

Everything I write on this site is addressed to business professionals who know they need to produce content, including books, to enhance their professionalism, to grow their client base or to achieve a social outcome.  If this applies to you, read on, but if you want someone to help you …

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Want a Book Publisher? Start with a Book Proposal

If you’re writing a non-fiction book and you’re NOT interested in publishing it yourself,  you need to write a book proposal, not a book. Why is this?  Unless a publisher approaches you about writing a book,they must first be convinced that a market for the book exists. Then they’ll need …

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So, You Want to Write a Book

Wall to wall books in several rooms

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.” ~  Marcus Tullius Cicero While more people are inquiring about my ghost writing services this year, it seems once aspiring authors come to grips with what’s involved with writing a book, they cower. If you …

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Content is Content, Platforms are Platforms

A month ago I took a ten-day reading and writing sabbatical while dog sitting for friends. I came back refreshed, informed and ready to embrace emerging technologies and business models for content producers. Yes, that’s the simplest way I can think of it, writers:  we’re content producers distributing our intellectual …

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Three Things Business Authors Should Learn From Celebrity Autobiographies

Last night my friend Crystal Dempsey invited me and several other Charlotte women to the local premier of Celebrity Autobiographies. If this show comes to your town, definitely go to see professional actors read verbatim from books that were most certainly ghostwritten. Oh, and if you’re lucky they’ll also read …

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Books are Marathons, Articles are Sprints. Sprint First

My stream of inquiries has picked up lately from business professionals who want me to ghost write their books.  YEAH! When an inquiry comes from someone who already produces content — whether a newsletter, blog, white papers, articles or presentations — our job is relatively straightforward. Not easy. Not cheap. Straightforward. …

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Lessons on Plagiarism from “The Decider”

In light of the news that our 43rd president plagiarized portions of his OWN MEMOIR, it’s clearly time for a review of what we learned in high school English class about giving credit to others. Not doing so is an act of piracy. When I posted the link to the article …

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