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Developing a Great Presentation: Lessons from Pecha Kucha

Tamela in front of the Pecha Kucha crowd

Right before Labor Day weekend I delivered my first Pecha Kucha, “Alone in the Tetons After Dark.” The constraints of the Pecha Kucha format taught me a few things that could help anyone developing ANY kind of presentation. Read on! What’s Pecha Kucha? Pecha Kucha is a Japanese phrase that …

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Presentation Tips from a Brain Doctor

While everyone else in my family, and perhaps the country, is obsessed with basketball, I’m enjoying a couple of of PBS shows that only come around during fundraising season. One of them features Dr Daniel Amen,  who is a child and adult psychiatrist and  brain imaging specialist. For those who’ve never …

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Presentation Note Taking

This morning I co-presented a workshop on social media for real estate agents with Andy Ciordia and Beth Griffiths.  The Broker In Charge asked us to provide the presentation in advance so that she could print it out for everyone to  take notes on. This is what people ask you …

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Brains Need Stories

Evidently story-loving is a function of our brain’s development. We’re biologically wired for them. In a Washington Post story I learned: “Roughly around age 4, psychologists say, a child develops a ‘theory of mind.’ The child suddenly grasps that other people have feelings, thoughts, just like the child’s own. From …

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“I loved the way he used PowerPoint”

The anti-PPT bandwagon doesn’t have room for another rider. My only addition to the chorus  is that a bad PPT-based presentation is like a bad dog — blame the owner! PPT isn’t inherently bad, but, like a Rotweiller, can be placed in the wrong hands and do real damage. I …

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Smelling your Content

According to Dr. John Medina, “Smell is unusually effective at evoking memory. If you’re tested on the details of a movie while the smell of popcorn is wafted into the air, you’ll remember 10-50% more.” Makes you rethink the food and beverages you offer at presentations, doesn’t it? And how …

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The Ten-Minute Window

DR. JOHN J. MEDINA is a developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders. Stay with me. He also runs a site and authored a book entitled  “Brain Rules” in which he expounds upon “12 rules for surviving and thriving …

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