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CAN-SPAM compliance

Download my  handy, one-page  checklist for staying in compliance with the US federal law that governs all commercial email. To download click on the link: [download#4]

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Less is More

  Interesting blog post at MediaPost, a firm that provides an array of resources for media, marketing and advertising professionals. In it, I discovered it’s not just my inbox getting bruised and swollen by a flood of marketing messages. LESS is MORE.  Did your newsletter subscribers sign up with the …

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Visualizing a Trillion Dollars

Important lesson on the importance of context and use of visuals when making a point. Click the link below and see how, starting with one Benjamin, you size up $10k, $1m, $100m, $1b and finally $11t.  Brilliant. Can you imagine one trillion dollars? (6 pics)

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Whole-Brain Communications

model with open skull showing parts of brain

Business communications too often play to one side of the brain and ignore the other. If the message focuses exclusively on numbers and logic the left brain is feasting and the right is fasting. Conversely, some Super Bowl ads go to such lengths to entertain that you don’t know which …

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LinkedIn Answer on Business Planning

See how I answered this question for someone in need of a start-up business plan: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/startups-small-businesses/business-plans/STR_BPL/435991-34984446 Social networking is a great way to tap the knowledge of people around the world for free.  Give it a whirl.

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Kill your Darlings

Postal rates go up in May and there’s even talk of cutting service back to five days a week.  This fuels desire for e-communications, particularly newsletters and mail blasts, which cost less and are more likely to be opened than snail mail. Hold your horses. Just because you CAN send …

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Connecting the Dots

Whether you’re a business owner or employee, no doubt you appreciate the need to network.  If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area Monday 3/9 at 6pm, drop by Connect the Dots, a monthly networking group sponsored by The PR Store . I’ll be the featured speaker this month, talking about …

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