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Author Tamela has extensively traveled the U.S. and Canada, delivering her message to Pack Light | Travel Slow | Connect Deep. Her keynotes and workshops include life lessons she has learned through chance encounters on the road.

BMW Helps Me Choose My Bike!

Fitted for a BMW from TamelaRich on Vimeo. How cool is this?  I have more footage on the Performance Center itself…will post that next week.  THANKS, BMW!

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Shiny Diner, Good Samaritan, Buckeye State

As I’ve admitted elsewhere, I have an affection for shiny things, so when I saw a gleaming stainless Denny’s Diner at the bottom of the exit ramp in Zanesville, OH, I had to check it out. I was headed from my brother’s, who’s been teaching me to ride one of …

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Major developments for the road trip this month! The Charlotte Observer’s social media columnist, Eric Frazier, wrote about my trip and how I’m using social media to promote it and update followers along the way. He got the worldwide scoop on BMW Motorad’s involvement — they’re sponsoring me with a …

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Newtonian Physics and Balancing a Motorcycle

When it comes to motorized vehicles, my brother has a sixth sense for matching people with rides.  He can ask five questions and tell you the three cars that will most satisfy you in any price range. With another five he can nail it and spare you the test driving! …

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April Road Books

On my business blog I feature a monthly column called “Book Lust” which highlights books on nonfiction topics like global development, finance, communications and current events. This travel blog will feature books about the regions I’ll travel this summer along with those on  motorcycles, women in mid-life with a dose …

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C’mon, Caribou!

I’m putting social media to all kinds of use on the pre-trip.  Let me tell you about Facebook’s power: in one evening’s search I found a group of women motorcyclists from Canada and the US who are riding to a central(ish) meeting point in Cheyenne, WY in support of the …

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Where To?

Here’s my route. Details are sketchy, but I know I’m leaving Charlotte, NC on 6/26 and passing through Cheyenne, WY on 7/8-9 with the Conga III ride to benefit breast cancer research. I‘ll be in Bend, OR with my co-author for the High Desert Trader’s Conference 7/18-22. Please weigh in …

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What, I’m Part of a Trend?

This thorough piece on women motorcycle riders is terrific!  Seems may women “of a certain age” are jumping on bikes; 23% of all bikes are sold to the XY set. Tattoos optional! Watch CBS News Videos Online

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Inquiring Minds Keep Asking

A cross-country motorcycle trip? Have you ever driven a motorcycle before? No. Last year my dad and brother toured the national parks out west and the bug bit me every time a video of their trip hit my email. I knew I would want to do it some day and …

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